WindowEvaporative Coolers

Features & Benefits

These fully assembled UL Listed American-made evaporative window coolers are economical units that provide high performance. They can help lower indoor temperatures by as much as 15-20° F in dry, arid climates. Evaporative window coolers have low maintenance costs and use 75% less electricity than traditional AC units.

  • Variety of models with coverage ranging from 2077 to 4983 CFM
  • Easy water connection for continuous use
  • No ozone damaging refrigerants
  • Bolted construction offers easy access for part replacement and eliminates welded seams for better rust resistance
  • Machine balanced blower wheel offers quiet operation
  • Polyester powder-coated exterior and interior finish for durability
  • 1-piece bottom pan helps prevent corrosion and leaks
Window & Wall Installation
to meet your specific needs
Weather & UV Resistant
for a low maintenance cooling solution
Energy Efficient
lowers energy costs & increases efficiency

Aspen Media

Aspen pads are made from shredded aspen wood, held together with a plastic netting. This design ensures an even flow of water throughout the pad surface, while eliminating sagging and preventing hot spots.

  • Aspen pads are environmentally friendly and nontoxic
  • This pad is proudly made in the USA